Intrynsyc Capital | Services
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Our Approach

We are professionals and entrepreneurs who understand the issues that face key stakeholders in emerging growth companies: the founders, management, boards and investors. We are proactive and engaged in the growth and expansion of their businesses. We achieve success for our clients through a mix of our own skills and experience and collaboration with other registered dealers and value-add capital markets groups to ensure successful mandates.

We advise senior management and boards of growth-stage companies in all sectors to guide them in their pursuit of the company’s objectives. We have a global network of investors, senior executives, and sector-specific experts that can add value in all facets of our clients business – financing alternatives, capital market strategy, management and board recruitment, and company specific growth initiatives.

Corporate Finance Strategy

Private Placements, Equity/Debt Underwriting, Mergers and Acquisitions, Corporate Restructuring.

Go-Public Transactions

RTO/IPO strategy, compliance and regulatory hurdles.

Corporate Advisory

Capital Markets Strategy, Executive/Board recruitment, Company specific business development.