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The Intrynsyc Five: On the Brink of Discovery

With the focus squarely shifting back to the mining sector we feel now is the time for investors to take advantage of this change in sentiment. In this publication we highlight five junior exploration companies that are poised to generate new discoveries in the near term. Our selection criteria are based on extensive research (meeting with 300+ companies/year), site visits, a strong technical understanding, and considerable due diligence to narrow down the vast array of junior exploration companies to this selection. A reoccurring theme in our selection includes companies with strong, proven management teams, favourable capital structures, and quality assets. These companies have laid all the initial ground work, completed the exploration and reconnaissance phase, and are initiating drill programs with the potential for transformational results.

Our selection of greenfield opportunities includes:

FireFox Resources (FFOX:TSXV)

We believe FFOX is strategically positioned to deliver game-changing results in the CLGB and has the technical capability to unlock the mineral potential offered in the region. All the targeting ground work has been completed and both properties are drill ready. We are of the view that the property is ripe with discovery potential and offers an attractive entry point pre-discovery.

Goldplay Exploration Ltd. (GPLY:TSXV)

We see significant resource growth potential at San Marcial supported by recent high-grade gold and silver discoveries outside the current resource area. Regional exploration upside is underpinned by initial reconnaissance work along the 1.5 km long Faisanes-Nava corridor which has identified eight new targets. GPLY is an emerging junior exploration company with an extensive land package in a historic mining district, backed by strategic shareholders and testing new geologic concepts aimed at exploiting the overlooked mineral potential at San Marcial.

Pan Global Resources (PGZ: TSXV)

Is managed by an experienced, proven team with projects located on trend to several world class deposits. Initial work has uncovered compelling targets based on years of ongoing exploration work leading to discovery driven drilling currently underway.

TerraX Minerals (TXR:TSXV)

Large land packages require extensive regional exploration work to refine targets and over the last number of years TXR has managed to do just that. Led by their Executive Chairman (Joe Campbell – discoverer of Meliadine) and President & CEO (David Suda) we believe TXR is on verge of uncovering a sizeable discovery demonstrating the prolific nature of their district scale land package.

VR Resources (VRR:TSXV)

VR Resources checks all the boxes in terms of an exploration company poised for a major discovery. VRR is led by a proven management team, exploring highly prospective 100% owned projects in safe low-cost jurisdictions, offers a tight share structure, and evaluating exploration opportunities with the potential to be world class assets if successful.

To read our full report, from our mining analyst Gary Sidhu, see below:


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