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Intrynsyc Initiation: Imperial Helium Corp (IHC-V)

Company Overview Imperial Helium (IHC-V) is an early-stage helium exploitation, production, and refining company focused on land acquisition…

NEXE Innovations – Initiation Report

NEXE Innovations is a cutting-edge developer of plant-based materials focused on replacing plastics with entirely compostable components. Initially targeting the single-use coffee market, NEXE has patented and manufactured 100% compostable products as quality alternatives to Keurig brewing systems K-Cups and Nestle’s Nespresso pods. With an addressable market estimated at US$19 billion in 2020, NEXE is forecasting their single-serve coffee segment will grow from under $500k in 2020 to $20 million in 2021 as they ramp up existing production lanes and take delivery of additional lanes delayed due to COVID-19. As the company grows, NEXE plans to leverage their materials expertise and IP to enter markets beyond of single-serve coffee. The company plans to announce an IPO in Q4 2020.